The best Chaturbate’s performers in 2017

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best performer chaturbate

I’ve been following closely Chaturbate this year and i’ve noticed an substantial increase in the quality and the quantity also of the performers there. Looks like Chaturbate is the cam site of choice for many broadcasters around the world and it’s easy to see why.

The quality of the users ( who pay a lot of money to the best perfomers ) is probably the key. This fact did not go unnoticed and more and more people signs up everyday to try luck broadcasting online.

Who are the best performers on Chaturbate in 2017?

Well, this is a very personal opinion, but if you ask me who are the best performers on Chaturbate in 2017 i would probably say that Caylin is among the best. But there are many more. Averyblonde, HotAlesia69, Candeetease, Rayssa69xxx, JuliaStorm, Oksanafedorova, Ridersara and many others have proved to be some of the best performers on Chaturbate.

best performer chaturbate

The quality of their streams, and the amount of entertainment they provide and also the huge amounts of tokens they get everyday are proved to be reason more than enough to qualify them as the best performers right now in Chaturbate, one of the, if not the best cam site currently available for free in the world.

It’s hard to understand for people outside the cam business, why people want to be naked in front of thousands of viewers. Well i think the reasons are it is well paid, it gives them certainly a rush and because it’s fun.

Fucking in front of lots of eyeballs is the dream of many. That is pleasant, thrilling and lucrative for some, and it’s something they don’t want to miss. Many broadcasters start in their 20’s to help pay college or any other needs the might have and they know Chaturbate is the best way to accomplish that goal.

In just a few weeks, if not days, they can make the money they need and that’s very appealing for some. Of course it’s hard to explain to normal people, but i don’t find it that hard to undestand.

If you had a good body, and wanted to show it publicly, you’d probably to the same. Unfortunately my body is not as good as theirs and i’m not interested in showing my body online, but if you are young, cute and open minded this might be for you. Maybe you’d feel comfortable in front of 1000’s of guys stroking their cocks while you blowjob your boyfriend and get paid for it.

Think about it. Maybe you could be one of them. A bit of bravery is all you need.…

Being naked in public makes me wet

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Yes, i am an exhibitionist, i admit it. I’ve always been very naughty, dirty at times, but i can’t help it. That’s how i am. That’s how i feel. I love to masturbate in front of a crowd. That way i cum much faster and much bigger loads. When i discovered Chaturbate i couldn’t belive how easy it was to appeal a great number of gays like me who want to cum just as much as i do.


I always was a traditional guy you know. I’ve never felt at home with computers nor technology. The internet was kind of a strange place to me, but when i discovered all these cam sites, with many people like me, showing their naked bodies, i felt immediately at home. I started showing my big dick right way to everyone who wanted to see it and over time i managed to have over 500 regulars who went online everyday just to see me stroke it. Isn’t it amazing?

If you feel the urge to peel it ( your cock ), please do yourself a favour and do it online. It’s much more pleasant, and the semen quality improves drastically. Talking about semen, i have to say that i love to drink it when im online. My audience asks me to. I pour it in a glass and i drink it right away, really really hot, just the way i like it. To feel my tongue full of cum is so pleasant, i could be drinking it all day. I love it’s taste. Yeah hahaha, i’m a fucking pussy.

Right now i have my ass like the Japan flag. My friend came over and he fucked me in the ass real hard and cum inside. I still have his load inside of me. I’d like to shit it and drink it later, but i guess the taste will be really bad. I prefer to take it right from my cock. It’s so much pure. I love raw semen.…

My biggest ever tip

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When i started broadcasting again on Chaturbate i knew i had to do something different to make more money than ever. I had tried everything, from sex shows with my boyfriend to 3 hours solo shows with my Shaft 5000 Power, the ultimate orgasmatron. Somehow my earnings stucked and i wanted more so i decided that i had to turn things upside down and try a different approach for my shows.

It was a few days back when i god an idea. Why not fucking my neighbors? Yes, i know you can’t show random people on cam sites, but i thought: “Well, how can they know?” and i asked the guy next door if he would join me on cam. At first he was a bit surprised but it was a matter of seconds before he said “yes”.

That afternoon i set it up and we started fucking on camera. I told my regulars that he was from my neighborhood and that turned people on a lot and the tips started to accumulate. That afternoon i collected the biggest tip ever for me: Over 1000 dollars in one tip. We had a pleasent sex afternoon and i gave him part of what i made that day. Ideally it should’ve been 50% but he felt generous and accepted just 25%. Yes i am that good negotiating.

Bottom line is, don’t follow the rules and fuck everyone in your path. If you have one nice looking neighbor you’d like to fuck, just ask. He will probably say yes and if you are into cams as me, you’ll probably make more money than ever thanks to that. So don’t waste more time and live the life to the limit. Please, do it for me, and keep broadcasting, it’s the easiest money ever!…

I decided to cam again

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back to camming

After some months thinking about it i’ve finally decided to broadcast again. Life is boring if i don’t cam online. I felt that i was missing something in my life and all my fans missed me too!

I got back to work last Sunday and it was like a welcome party. I let my followers know i was coming back and the response was awesome. I had more than 2000 viewers in less than 30 minutes and they started tipping like crazy begging me to not leave again ever. That almost made me cry, yes i am that sensible. I felt loved, and also felt very humbling. All the support was awesome. Now i think i made a mistake leaving the webcams world for so long, but i’ve changed my mind and i’m ready to continue where i left.

I’ve set some goals for this 2016 and one of them will be to beat my current 1 day tip record: 20.000 tokens in one day. I know it will be difficult but i know it’s not impossible. I’ve seen other girls making much more than that. I don’t know how to do it. I guess i will have to try new approaches and methods, or even wait for my birthday, any how, the goal is set and i can’t wait to start camming today to try to beat it as soon as possible.

One of the things i liked the most was my chat room manager, Kryden Pystolenko, he’s a Russian, should i say a Crazy Russian? . He loves me and he couldn’t believe i was coming back. It was like meeting with an old friend after so long. It was a truly emotional moment and i will never forget it.

If you want to see me online, just head to and look for a room called “Fatbitchxxx69”…

I don’t know if i will continue camming

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cam girl to retire

Making money on cam is a great experience, something i recommend everyone to try at least once. It’s very exciting to be on cam, naked, masturbating or whatever, in front of thousands, and making money at the same time. I’m a whore, i know, and i always will, but lately an idea has come to my mind about quitting. I’m serious. I’ve been doing cam jobs for at least 10 years, and my pussy is worn out. I think i need a rest. Masturbating on cam can be fun, it is fun in fact, but doing it every day, for years, just to make money, is not that fun. Currently i have my pussy red hot, and not from excitement precisely.

I think i need a rest, seriously. Let my pussy tissue to regenerate and then we will see. It’s been a hell of a ride you know. Some days i broadcasted for more than 7 hours. You know how’s that? Probably not. If you have penis, just imagine to be hard rocky for 7 hours. The thought of it just hurts huh?

You may think that i should not moan so much, that porn actors do the same all the time and nothing happens to them… yeah you’re right, but i don’t earn as much as them, and i don’t take any pills to keep me going. I’m an all natural whore, and i hope to keep that way. Guys who take Viagra or some shit to keep their cocks working are pathetic to me. I’d rather suck a good natural cock than one on drugs.

So what’s your opinion. Do you still want to see me on cam? Do i have your permission to leave for a few months, if not years? I’m really tired. I’ve lost the appetite to fuck. It’s sad, i know, but it’s the truth, i’ve fucked more in the last 10 years, than many in 10 lives, but i can’t take it any more, i need a rest. But if you can convince me to change my mind, or you have anĀ unbeatable offer, then i’m all ears.

My yesterday’s fuck

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yesterday fuck

Yesterday me and my boyfriend decided that we wanted to broadcast our late night fuck and we did. You can get laid and earn money at the same time. Wonders of technology i guess. To be able to earn money while having sex, is something sluts like me appreciate a lot. There are not many things more exciting that taking my bf’s cum while 3000 people are watching you. It really turns me on. Another thing i like a lot is anal on cam. The audience loves it and asks always for more. Harder, deeper. To me is easy because my asshole is used to that. Manytimes it looks like the Japan flag, but i love it, specially when he cums inside it and then it starts driping. I always pick a drop of two with my hand and lick it. It’s so sexy.

Last time i did that on cam i earned about 500 dollars in under 2 hours. My advice is: The sluttiest you are, the more money you will earn. I’ve thought many times about doing some kind of bukkake on cam, but sadly i haven’t found enough people to do it. Yes i know i am a whore but i like it. I would not be earning money if i weren’t.

So take my advice and free yourself. Block the regions you don’t want to be watched at and be as slutty as me. Trust me, you will earn more and you will have more fun. Use your imagination and make the best and hottest shows you can. I can assure you that your spectators will appreciate it and will pay you lots of money. And if you keep doing it often, more people will visit your room and you will end up earning more. It’s a matter of time that you end up with a heavily populated room and many fans thirsty of sex, your sex.…