Being naked in public makes me wet

September 22 | By Sussie | Filed in: blog.

Yes, i am an exhibitionist, i admit it. I’ve always been very naughty, dirty at times, but i can’t help it. That’s how i am. That’s how i feel. I love to masturbate in front of a crowd. That way i cum much faster and much bigger loads. When i discovered Chaturbate i couldn’t belive how easy it was to appeal a great number of gays like me who want to cum just as much as i do.


I always was a traditional guy you know. I’ve never felt at home with computers nor technology. The internet was kind of a strange place to me, but when i discovered all these cam sites, with many people like me, showing their naked bodies, i felt immediately at home. I started showing my big dick right way to everyone who wanted to see it and over time i managed to have over 500 regulars who went online everyday just to see me stroke it. Isn’t it amazing?

If you feel the urge to peel it ( your cock ), please do yourself a favour and do it online. It’s much more pleasant, and the semen quality improves drastically. Talking about semen, i have to say that i love to drink it when im online. My audience asks me to. I pour it in a glass and i drink it right away, really really hot, just the way i like it. To feel my tongue full of cum is so pleasant, i could be drinking it all day. I love it’s taste. Yeah hahaha, i’m a fucking pussy.

Right now i have my ass like the Japan flag. My friend came over and he fucked me in the ass real hard and cum inside. I still have his load inside of me. I’d like to shit it and drink it later, but i guess the taste will be really bad. I prefer to take it right from my cock. It’s so much pure. I love raw semen.

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  1. cumbucket says:

    Are these 2 twins or is it just photoshopped?

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