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My earnings on Chaturbate March,15

April 10 | By Sussie | 1 Comment | Filed in: blog.

chaturbate earnings

March has been an amazing month for me.

I’m earning more money than ever before and that makes me really proud. I don’t know why, but this month things simply worked out for me. Maybe it’s the Spring, the sun… i don’t know but this month my earnings doubled compared to last month.

Well, let’s go to the point. This month i managed to earn more than 2000 $ on Chaturbate and that’s great dont you think? i think the main reason for this is that i managed to keep a stable audience that wants to see me each day and somehow i “connected” with some members and they wanted to reward me. One of them got crazy and tipped me over 500 tokens. I just hope he never gets tired of me! One single 500 token tip can make your day!

Easter holidays went really well and although i got a little less audience during those days, my earnings kept going at a stable rate which is not bad considering many regulars are on holiday.

This month i also tried a new technique, which basically was charging my audience for a password to watch a private show. Many of them tipped just in time to enter the show and i made 100$ in just a few minutes!

Before signing up for Chaturbate i was not sure at all about this job but now i can see that Chaturbate rocks and i hope to stay for a very long time here, because the amount of money you can earn in such a short time is nothing short of amazing.

The next thing i would like to do is broadcasting with a friend or someone willing to fuck me online. I’ve seen that couples earn big money fucking online and i would like to try that. Must be really exciting to have sex on camera while 5000 horny guys are watching you. I wish i could see all of them cum while my partner cums in my mouth.…

Where to get information about webcam jobs?

March 31 | By Sussie | 13 Comments | Filed in: blog.

When looking for cam sites you need to be careful. You really need to think carefully your next move, because not all cam sites are the same and you could run into trouble. I’d like to teach you all i know about cam sites, because i think you could need my help. I’ve worked in the past for the greatest cam sites on the Internet and i know which ones work best for the models. First of all, avoid agencies or studios at all costs. They are there just to collect your hard earned money and will do nothing to help you. Also don’t pay to much attention to those cam sites who promise you earnings over 5k a month. That’s simply not realistic, unless you have a gift for cam modeling. There’s not much info on the internet about webcam modeling and it’s normal. It’s an uncommon and somehow “dark” activity. Performers often want to hide it from family, friends and no one wants to be seen on cam in their own countries.

I’ve searched the internet looking for info about this and i’ve come across a couple of sites that might be of interest for you. One them is, which i think is one of the best resources on the net about webcam jobs. It’s a site created by cam girls and they show their experiences in this matter. Tips and tricks and recommended cam sites are also the highlights of this website, which i recommend because it can help you a lot when looking for webcam jobs.

Here’s a screen capture:

webcam jobs

There are not many places where you can see how much cam girls earn with actual screen captures. That’s what i love about It is an honest site with real testimonials from cam girls. Where else can you see that? I’ve been in the business for a very long time and this is the first time i see a webpage talking openly about webcam jobs.

And if that’s not enough, you can contact them by using the contact form. One of the cam girls will get to you quickly and respond any question you might have. So all in all, a great tool for everyone interested in webcam jobs.

Stripper Web is the other resource about cam jobs i’m gonna talk about today

stripper web

A great part of their forum is dedicated to strippers and dancers but there’s also room for cam models. Under the “camming connection” subforum you’ll see lots of info and threads open by other cam girls asking for help. You can learn a lot here, because it’s actual cam girls who write the posts and you can ask them and get a response in just a few hours. That kind of info is extremely valuable and will help you a lot in the beginnings.

Other resources i found are the cam girl wiki, which is a wiki styled site with general info about this activity and the ambercutie forums, which …

Webcam jobs scams

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Many cam girls are worried about scams or issues when it comes to payment. The truth is webcam jobs scams are something that can happen to anyone, specially those who signed up for white label cam sites. One of things i’ve always tried before signing up for a cam site, is to make a proper research to make sure i was not about to signup for a white label cam site. White labels look very similar to those which are based on. For example, Jasmin is a proper legit cam site but there are many with a similar look, for instance Liveprivates dot com. Visit both to see the little difference. You should only sign up for the “original” cam site, in this case Jasmin, and not for the copy. Why? Because Jasmin offers webmasters the chance to create a copy of their site and allows them to promote it as they want. That means not only Jasmin will take a cut from what you’ve earned ( something logical because it’s the service provider ) but Liveprivates too, and that will be by doing nothing for you!. So trust me, make a proper research before looking for cam sites and sign up only for the genuine ones.

White label cam sites have another problem. Not only take a cut, but are also highly unreliable. Real cam sites pay always on time and keep the models happy. White label cam sites payouts are not reliable at all and you could end up waiting for days before a payment is made. So make yourself a favour and sign up for a proper cam site like Chaturbate or Jasmin and start making money today. All you need to sign up for one of these sites is to be 18+ years old and send an ID to verify it. Once they do, you will be set to earn money from home, and the best part of working for a legit cam site, is that you work whenever you like, there are no schedules, obligations or requirements about working hours. A whitelabel site could ask you to broadcast for a certain amount of hours and in case of not complying, you could end up without any money.

Let´s take a look at a few testimonials from cam girls i’ve met along the way:

Elisa – Mexico

webcam jobs scams 3

“My first cam model job was a disaster. I signed up with a site that didn’t pay the models and i was stupid enough to keep working for them for 2 months. They were putting me off all the time. I got really fed up. Then i started looking for alternatives and ended up signing up for Chaturbate, which looking back, was really a great decision”.

Kate – California – USA

webcam jobs scams

“I was looking for extra income for college and i did a search on google. Most search results were about agencies and all promised huge earnings with just a few hours of work. At that time i new …

Best cam sites

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chaturbate trust

Choose the best cam sites and enjoy the best shows.

For a future cam girl is important to choose the best cam site, or at least one of the best ones, because with work and sacrifice, that guarantees earnings and the chance to build a big fanbase that can be taken to another cam site later down the road.

For the audience, choosing the best cam site is just as important. The quality of the girls varies from site to site and so does their behaviour. There are many differences between private only cam sites like Jasmin and free chat cam sites like Chaturbate. The top girls on any cam site usually have everything a man could ask for. Great body, precious face and the “know how” to make great shows. It’s in the type of shows where most differences are.

Other camsites like MyFreeCams feature a huge selection of gorgeous girls. It’s like a huge showroom of Victoria Secret models. The treatment is still nice and you can have a conversation with them, but don’t expect nothing too personal unless you pay for a private. The same goes for Chaturbate and of course, Jasmin, which is a private only cam site.

On these free chat type cam sites, private chat is the less frequent way for the models to earn money. You can always pay a private if you want but it’s not the norm.

Private only cam sites offer a different approach. Examples of private chat cam sites are Jasmin and Streamate. On them, you won’t see the girl naked unless you pay for a private show. This is the usual way to do things. The models are not allowed to go naked while on public chat, and you’ll have to pay to see the girl naked. That makes the show much more personal, and some guys prefer this, despite the higher cost.

Other cam sites like Streamate may allow you to see the girl naked but only till the countdown goes to zero. If you haven’t paid your slot for the private show, you’re out.

Know the differences between the best cam sites by taking a look at this chart.

Reliable cam sites

March 23 | By Sussie | No Comments | Filed in: blog.

reliable cam sitesOne of the first things you should be sure about, is the reliability of the cam site you want to work for. If you search in google for webcam jobs you will get a ton of shady agencies that promise huge earnings right from the start. How many times have you seen: “Earn $5000 a week with us” ? Probably many. The truth is such earnings are not possible, at least on a regular basis. My advice is go to a proper cam site like Chaturbate and sign up there directly. Do not trust agencies because the only thing they’ll do is take your money, and you’ll end up broadcasting for the same people but earning less, because as you may have guessed, agencies are there just to take a percentage of the girls earnings.

For me the best cam site to start as a webcam model is Chaturbate, for a very simple reason. If you do your job well, you’ll get paid. Chaturbate’s audience pays well to the models and you’ll get your money every 2 weeks without delay. They never let me down.

You are of course free to choose. There are more cam sites around. Take a look at Jasmin, My Free Cams, Cam4 or Streamate. These are probably the most famous, and are extremely reliable.

I said that i like Chaturbate because i think it’s easier for newcomers. The fact is Chaturbate’s audience likes new models and pays more than other sites. Another thing that makes Chaturbate stand out is the freedom you have to make your own show. You can do almost anything. You can do solo shows, couple’s shows, have sex on cam, play games with the people on your room. It’s the cam site that gives more freedom to the models without question. Other cam sites are more restrictive when it comes to being naked on cam. allowing you do to so only in private shows.…

The difference between private and free chat cam sites

March 20 | By Sussie | No Comments | Filed in: blog.

difference between private and free chat cam sites

As you may know, there are two kinds of cam sites. On one hand, you have the private chat cam sites. These are the more traditional, and force the customer to pay before seeing anything. On some of them, you are able to see the girl dressed and then the user decides whether to pay or leave. As i said, private chat cam sites use a more “classic” business model and many cam girls still prefer this method, because nudity is not required until the user pays.

Free cam sites rely on the opposite formula. Your pictures are available to everyone and you get money given by your spectators while you broadcast. The tips given by your audience can be converted later into real money which will be transferred to your preferred payment method.

You have a lot more freedom in free chat cam sites, because you can show yourself naked from the start and ask for tips while you masturbate or have sex with someone. If you don’t like that method, you can always start your show dressed and then you can start asking for tips. You should set a tip goal, so your audience knows how much they’ll have to pay before you taking action. Just some examples: 100 tokens show boobs, 200 tokens totally naked 300 tokens blowjob 1000 tokens Sex with my partner. I think you get the idea.  Many cam girls use this approach and gives them great results. On some cam sites, you can even customize your chat room to your liking and use another methods like announcing an upcoming private show just for the members of your audience that paid the tokens asked to get the password to enter that show. You can also play games and much more. Your imagination is key here, and if you don’t have ideas, you can always spy the other girls to see how they work.

Nowadays i think the free cam sites feel freshier and more fun than the more traditional private chat ones. On private chat sites you can wait very long times until someone takes to your private room, which is the place where the money is made and it will be for a few minutes only. Free chat sites on the other hand require you to work flatout as long as you are online. You don’t get the feel of being losing your time and if you do it well you can earn lots of money in just a few minutes.…