I don’t know if i will continue camming

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cam girl to retire

Making money on cam is a great experience, something i recommend everyone to try at least once. It’s very exciting to be on cam, naked, masturbating or whatever, in front of thousands, and making money at the same time. I’m a whore, i know, and i always will, but lately an idea has come to my mind about quitting. I’m serious. I’ve been doing cam jobs for at least 10 years, and my pussy is worn out. I think i need a rest. Masturbating on cam can be fun, it is fun in fact, but doing it every day, for years, just to make money, is not that fun. Currently i have my pussy red hot, and not from excitement precisely.

I think i need a rest, seriously. Let my pussy tissue to regenerate and then we will see. It’s been a hell of a ride you know. Some days i broadcasted for more than 7 hours. You know how’s that? Probably not. If you have penis, just imagine to be hard rocky for 7 hours. The thought of it just hurts huh?

You may think that i should not moan so much, that porn actors do the same all the time and nothing happens to them… yeah you’re right, but i don’t earn as much as them, and i don’t take any pills to keep me going. I’m an all natural whore, and i hope to keep that way. Guys who take Viagra or some shit to keep their cocks working are pathetic to me. I’d rather suck a good natural cock than one on drugs.

So what’s your opinion. Do you still want to see me on cam? Do i have your permission to leave for a few months, if not years? I’m really tired. I’ve lost the appetite to fuck. It’s sad, i know, but it’s the truth, i’ve fucked more in the last 10 years, than many in 10 lives, but i can’t take it any more, i need a rest. But if you can convince me to change my mind, or you have an unbeatable offer, then i’m all ears.

One comment on “I don’t know if i will continue camming

  1. Hanna says:

    Please don’t go. I love your shows and i’d be sad if you leave.

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