My biggest ever tip

May 4 | By Sussie | Filed in: blog.

When i started broadcasting again on Chaturbate i knew i had to do something different to make more money than ever. I had tried everything, from sex shows with my boyfriend to 3 hours solo shows with my Shaft 5000 Power, the ultimate orgasmatron. Somehow my earnings stucked and i wanted more so i decided that i had to turn things upside down and try a different approach for my shows.

It was a few days back when i god an idea. Why not fucking my neighbors? Yes, i know you can’t show random people on cam sites, but i thought: “Well, how can they know?” and i asked the guy next door if he would join me on cam. At first he was a bit surprised but it was a matter of seconds before he said “yes”.

That afternoon i set it up and we started fucking on camera. I told my regulars that he was from my neighborhood and that turned people on a lot and the tips started to accumulate. That afternoon i collected the biggest tip ever for me: Over 1000 dollars in one tip. We had a pleasent sex afternoon and i gave him part of what i made that day. Ideally it should’ve been 50% but he felt generous and accepted just 25%. Yes i am that good negotiating.

Bottom line is, don’t follow the rules and fuck everyone in your path. If you have one nice looking neighbor you’d like to fuck, just ask. He will probably say yes and if you are into cams as me, you’ll probably make more money than ever thanks to that. So don’t waste more time and live the life to the limit. Please, do it for me, and keep broadcasting, it’s the easiest money ever!

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  1. lgtb says:

    Wow i would suck his cock night and day

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