My earnings on Chaturbate March,15

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chaturbate earnings

March has been an amazing month for me.

I’m earning more money than ever before and that makes me really proud. I don’t know why, but this month things simply worked out for me. Maybe it’s the Spring, the sun… i don’t know but this month my earnings doubled compared to last month.

Well, let’s go to the point. This month i managed to earn more than 2000 $ on Chaturbate and that’s great dont you think? i think the main reason for this is that i managed to keep a stable audience that wants to see me each day and somehow i “connected” with some members and they wanted to reward me. One of them got crazy and tipped me over 500 tokens. I just hope he never gets tired of me! One single 500 token tip can make your day!

Easter holidays went really well and although i got a little less audience during those days, my earnings kept going at a stable rate which is not bad considering many regulars are on holiday.

This month i also tried a new technique, which basically was charging my audience for a password to watch a private show. Many of them tipped just in time to enter the show and i made 100$ in just a few minutes!

Before signing up for Chaturbate i was not sure at all about this job but now i can see that Chaturbate rocks and i hope to stay for a very long time here, because the amount of money you can earn in such a short time is nothing short of amazing.

The next thing i would like to do is broadcasting with a friend or someone willing to fuck me online. I’ve seen that couples earn big money fucking online and i would like to try that. Must be really exciting to have sex on camera while 5000 horny guys are watching you. I wish i could see all of them cum while my partner cums in my mouth.

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  1. Max Semen says:

    I am a gay male and i’ve worked in the past with my partner and of all cam sites we tried the best by far was Chaturbate. They always paid us on time and the earnings were really good. We are thinking of coming back, now they added HD video, i can see many reasons to fuck live on cam. It’s so exciting…!

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