The difference between private and free chat cam sites

March 20 | By Sussie | Filed in: blog.

As you may know, there are two kinds of cam sites. On one hand, you have the private chat cam sites. These are the more traditional, and force the customer to pay before seeing anything. On some of them, you are able to see the girl dressed and then the user decides whether to pay or leave. As i said, private chat cam sites use a more “classic” business model and many cam girls still prefer this method, because nudity is not required until the user pays.

Free cam sites rely on the opposite formula. Your pictures are available to everyone and you get money given by your spectators while you broadcast. The tips given by your audience can be converted later into real money which will be transferred to your preferred payment method.

You have a lot more freedom in free chat cam sites, because you can show yourself naked from the start and ask for tips while you masturbate or have sex with someone. If you don’t like that method, you can always start your show dressed and then you can start asking for tips. You should set a tip goal, so your audience knows how much they’ll have to pay before you taking action. Just some examples: 100 tokens show boobs, 200 tokens totally naked 300 tokens blowjob 1000 tokens Sex with my partner. I think you get the idea.  Many cam girls use this approach and gives them great results. On some cam sites, you can even customize your chat room to your liking and use another methods like announcing an upcoming private show just for the members of your audience that paid the tokens asked to get the password to enter that show. You can also play games and much more. Your imagination is key here, and if you don’t have ideas, you can always spy the other girls to see how they work.

Nowadays i think the free cam sites feel freshier and more fun than the more traditional private chat ones. On private chat sites you can wait very long times until someone takes to your private room, which is the place where the money is made and it will be for a few minutes only. Free chat sites on the other hand require you to work flatout as long as you are online. You don’t get the feel of being losing your time and if you do it well you can earn lots of money in just a few minutes.

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