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Many cam girls are worried about scams or issues when it comes to payment. The truth is webcam jobs scams are something that can happen to anyone, specially those who signed up for white label cam sites. One of things i’ve always tried before signing up for a cam site, is to make a proper research to make sure i was not about to signup for a white label cam site. White labels look very similar to those which are based on. For example, Jasmin is a proper legit cam site but there are many with a similar look, for instance Liveprivates dot com. Visit both to see the little difference. You should only sign up for the “original” cam site, in this case Jasmin, and not for the copy. Why? Because Jasmin offers webmasters the chance to create a copy of their site and allows them to promote it as they want. That means not only Jasmin will take a cut from what you’ve earned ( something logical because it’s the service provider ) but Liveprivates too, and that will be by doing nothing for you!. So trust me, make a proper research before looking for cam sites and sign up only for the genuine ones.

White label cam sites have another problem. Not only take a cut, but are also highly unreliable. Real cam sites pay always on time and keep the models happy. White label cam sites payouts are not reliable at all and you could end up waiting for days before a payment is made. So make yourself a favour and sign up for a proper cam site like Chaturbate or Jasmin and start making money today. All you need to sign up for one of these sites is to be 18+ years old and send an ID to verify it. Once they do, you will be set to earn money from home, and the best part of working for a legit cam site, is that you work whenever you like, there are no schedules, obligations or requirements about working hours. A whitelabel site could ask you to broadcast for a certain amount of hours and in case of not complying, you could end up without any money.

Let´s take a look at a few testimonials from cam girls i’ve met along the way:

Elisa – Mexico

webcam jobs scams 3

“My first cam model job was a disaster. I signed up with a site that didn’t pay the models and i was stupid enough to keep working for them for 2 months. They were putting me off all the time. I got really fed up. Then i started looking for alternatives and ended up signing up for Chaturbate, which looking back, was really a great decision”.

Kate – California – USA

webcam jobs scams

“I was looking for extra income for college and i did a search on google. Most search results were about agencies and all promised huge earnings with just a few hours of work. At that time i new nothing about this business and i contacted with the first website i liked. Their webpage was nice and everything looked legit, but the earnings were really bad and i had to work 8 hours a day only because they wanted to. I had no freedom and the sites i was broadcasting for were crap. Probably whitelabel sites from the same guys. I quit after a month.”

Lucy – UK

webcam jobs scams

“I worked for a site that looked legit, but it wasn’t. I couldn’t work at my place, so i went to a studio, and the place was horrible. Cold, leaks everywhere, bad smell. Each girl had a room and a computer to do their thing and the money was not good, because the studio was taking a big chunk from our earnings. I stayed there for 3 months and then started looking for alternatives. I moved to my BF’s apartment and convinced him to do shows with me on a legit cam site, so all the money comes to us. I’m really happy now because we have fun doing this and we earn enough to travel and pay the bills.”

It’s clear that you have to tread lightly and choose carefully your next cam site. I asked them about the best cam site to start if you don’t have experience and the three coincided that Chaturbate is the best to start, because gives freedom to the models and the audience likes to tip the models generously. Avoid webcam jobs scams by working for a trusted cam site and don’t look back!

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