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October 11 | By Sussie | Filed in: blog.

Cam 4 is one famous cam site, mainly in Europe. I’d call it, the european Chaturbate. It has great traffic, lots of users and cheap shows for the viewers.

opinion on cam4

I decided to try it to see what was all the fuss about and i have to say that i liked it a lot. Yeah it’s not as good as Chaturbate but i see it as an alternative to make money if Chaturbate is not your cup of tea.

Cam4 has a good thing. It features new models on the front page so getting new viewers is easier than in other cam sites. Sadly these free exposure does not last forever and after a few days you´ll be nowhere, unless you got lots of fans and regulars in that time frame.

I was lucky and got like 800 regulars in just a week and after that it was easier to keep the traffic coming even when i was not on first row anymore.

I have to say the viewers on Cam4 are quite generous with the tips. I’ve gotten more than $33k this year and that’s not bad considering i only broadcast for an hour and a half everyday.

All in all i think the time/money ratio is quite good on Cam 4 and i encourage anyone to try the site, especially if you are going to take it seriously.

Payments are good too. I never had a problem with them and i got paid on time everytime. Payments are every 2 weeks btw.

So yeah, i think Cam 4 is a valid choice for cam girls from all over the world, but not only girls. Couples, gays, lesbians or transexuals are welcome too, so you have no excuse to try one of the finest cam sites on the net.

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